GN—01. Graphic notation

RoleArt director, Designer
Year 2016

As a synesthetic and experimental music lover, I have always wanted to work in the field of graphic notations. This project came about through a collaboration with the Kymatic Ensemble, who agreed to host a few experiential sessions at the Mars Gallery. During these sessions, I created the "GN-01", a graphic musical score of 3D lines, symbols, and various geometric or abstract shapes.

I instructed the performers on how to read the visuals. Strings (guitar, viola, viola da gamba) are responsible for the lines; Electronic instruments play three-dimensional figures; Percussion plays balls and dots. Musicians play in the middle range between the vertical lines: the closer they are to the center, the louder they sound.

"GN-01" was performed at the live session in Mars Gallery. Notation is projected onto a fine projection scrim stretched between columns in the shape of a U. Performers are located in the space between the columns, the center of the installation. Spectators can move around the scene, watching musicians through the projection scrim.

the fragment of graphic notation
the fragment of graphic notation
the fragment of graphic notation
the fragment of graphic notation


Anton Izgagin — viola da gamba; Ivan Drevalev — electric organ; Petrova Alina — viola; Alexey Sysoev — electronics; Yuri Posypanov — percussion; Alexey Chichilin — guitar.

Stepan Polivanov — videographer.

Special thanks to the MARS gallery, especially to Alexander Korneev and Andrey Morozov.

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