Artec 3D brand identity and design system

RoleDesign team lead
Year 2022

Artec 3D is an international company that manufactures 3D scanners and related software. Their tools are useful in many fields, from healthcare to manufacturing, and are used by NASA and Apple.

For three years, I served as the head of the marketing communications design team at Artec 3D, working closely with the product and development teams. We collaborated to develop the brand's visual language, resulting in a flexible design system that transformed the way we communicated and built our digital presence. The result was a flexible modular system that allowed us to build websites and new services from ready-made blocks.

Artec 3D brand colors
Artec Leo product page
Artec home page
Artec Eva scanner render
Responsive resellers page
Website page
Responsive website
Responsive website
additive manufacturing parts
design system color tokens
design system spacing tokens
design system spacing tokens in use
design system states tokens
design system states tokens in use
content guidance
content guidance
website components
3d model preview
3d model preview close-up

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